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Dana Engineering Sdn Bhd (DESB) is an established Malaysian Engineering Company registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) with approved licensed from CIDB, SEDA and PETRONAS.


DESB’s focus is on delivering quality installations, backed up with reliable, accountable after sales support an dedicated, highly trained sales team, engineering, project management and certified commissioning and maintenance engineers positioned and based in Malaysia.


With vast experienced in applications including combined heat and power (CHP) with natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and sewage gas power generation, DESB has supplied, installed and commissioned more then 100 units of gas engines (until year 2022) in Malaysia and Singapore.


DESB has completed several projects as an EPCC for Biogas Power Plant in design, construct and build especially in Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) projects for FGV PISB Triang (2.4MW), FGV PISB Keratong 9 (2.4MW), Ladang Rakyat Terengganu (2.4MW), an Island Mode supply for Kulim Sedenak Bio-Methane Power Plant (800kW) and Coronation Palm Oil Mill Bio-Methane Power Plant (1.2MW).


By the end of the year 2022, DESB has been appointed as distributor and sales partner for 2G Energietechnik GmbH in Malaysia.


The company’s vision is to make progress possible through excellence in technology, integrity and unsurpassed customer services. The company principles evolve around the idea of providing high quality customer services with reliability and innovative practices through persistent teamwork of responsible employees. The Dana Engineering SDN BHD management strongly appreciates the diversity in the vast amount of knowledge and experience their people bring with them to the company. They also acknowledge the professional specialization of each company personnel and believe that there is always something one can teach and learn from others; hence they actively encourage everyone to work collaboratively together.


Dana Engineering SDN BHD contributors in the sectors of Power Generation, is also exemplary in providing value-added services to its customers. By establishing and sustaining a long-lasting rapport, understanding individual customer needs and providing innovative solutions accordingly, Dana Engineering SDN BHD always tries to meet the needs of each and every one of its customers.

In Dana Engineering SDN BHD, there is no room for complacency! Through sophisticated services and contemplative practices, the company strives to provide improved and more efficient services to its clients every time. In order to ensure continuous improvement and growth, the company actively endorses the philosophy of developing and utilizing its human resources, technology and capital with utmost efficacy.

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