Announcing the world’s first 2-stage turbocharged gas engine

INNIO’s Jenbacher J624. Providing a new level of engineering excellence, the J624 offers you significant advantages, particularly in the area of multiple engine power plants for independent power generation and combined heat and power (CHP) solutions.

While all gas engine applications work well with our new fuel flexible turbocharged J624 engine, there are two areas where you’ll find it excels – large power generation projects, including multiple engines, and CHP or cogeneration solutions – making the new J624 more economically practical than gas engines with single-stage turbocharging.

  • Two-stage turbocharging increases power density by 10%
  • 4.4 MW electrical output is achieved at 1,500 rpm
  • Capable of up to 90% total efficiency
  • Maintains full output at high ambient temperatures and altitude
  • Low specific fuel consumption reduces operating costs
  • Flexible and modular design promotes ease of transportation and installation
  • 5-minute start-up time



Showcasing the latest technology


The J624 is available with 2-stage turbocharging, offering high efficiency and improved flexibility, and can power up to 10,000 households.

Leveraging trusted sources


The J624 is based on proven technology from the automotive industry and INNIO’s Type 6 gas engine design concept to deliver higher output and increased efficiency.

Flexible and robust


Our J624 is particularly suited for operation in hot environments, and in multiple engine power plants for independent power production and combined heat and power (CHP) applications.