Waukesha Product Range

275GL Series

High-performance engine series that enables customers to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel cost while greatly simplifying and improving packaging, operation and service.

Rated 3625 bhp (2703 kWb) @ 1000 rpm and capable of emission levels of 0.5 g/bhp-hr NOx, 1.8 g/bhp-hr CO, and 0.7 g/bhp-hr NHMC, the 12V275GL+ meets 2010 U.S. EPA SI NSPS for NOx, CO, and NMHC without aftertreatment.


  • Low emission levels of 0.5 g / bhp-hr NOx, 1.8 g/bhp-hr CO, and 0.7 g / bhp-hr NMHCs
  • Power output of 3625 bhp (2703 kWb) @ 1000 rpm
  • 2% fuel-efficiency advantage over comparable products
  • Superior fuel flexibility
  • 3000 ft (914 m) altitude capability (at 100 ° F) before derate is 50% higher than competition
  • Equipped with an enhanced version of the Engine System Manager (ESM ® ) control that integrates:
    • Direct NOx sensing and display
    • Turbocharger control
    • Speed governing
    • Knock detection
    • Start-stop control
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Fault logging
    • Engine safeties
    • Spark timing control
    • Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) control

  • Meets requirements for 0.5 g/bhp-hr non-attainment areas and the 2010 U.S. EPA Spark Ignited New Source Performance Standard for NOx, CO, and NMHC without emissions aftertreatment
  • Higher power output compresses more gas
  • Fuel-efficiency advantage means less gas is burned, which maximizes profits
  • Fuel flexibility allows engine to maintain full power over wider variety of fuels
  • Higher altitude capability without derate provides more power to compress more gas in a wider range of applications

Waukesha Salient Features

General Features & Benefits of INNIO Gas Engine

  • Long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design, and low fuel consumption
  • Prolonged life of all engine components, even when using polluted fuel gases such as landfill gas
  • Operational safety and availability with our control and monitoring systems
  • A broad range of commercial, industrial, and municipal uses
  • Optimized control, monitoring, and information management systems, specifically designed for INNIO's gas engines
  • A patented, lean mixture combustion control to minimize exhaust gas emissions while maintaining stable engine operation

Jenbacher Product Range

INNIO's Jenbacher J920 Gas Engine:

Introducing the J920, an innovative leap forward in gas engine technology.

INNIO announces the J920 Jenbacher 9.5 MW system for large gas engine power generation plants. Whether you're seeking full power at high efficiency levels or a unit capable of short start-up times, INNIO's J920 gas engine is an ideal, reliable solution for your lasting power needs and grid stabilizing efforts.

Features & Benefits

  • Top in its class electrical efficiency level of 48.7%
  • High power density at low investment costs
  • Stable power output and efficiency at high ambient conditions
  • Quick start-up for grid stabilization
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Designed for ease maintainability
  • Full plant flexibility with any multiple-engine installation
  • Combined heat and power solution with 90% efficiency and more
INNIO's Jenbacher J624 GS :

INNIO's Jenbacher J624 GS is the world's first 24-cylinder gas engine for commercial operation. Introduced in 2008, the J624 is capable of delivering enough output to power 9,000 European households, representing a quantum leap in gas engine technology. The result of two years of development, this unique gas engine uses several fuel sources to protect the environment and adds another solution to INNIO's robust gas engine portfolio.

Features & Benefits

  • Capable of 4 MW electrical output
  • Offers lean burn control, and turbocharged mixture-cooling, minimizing emissions and evening out operating conditions
  • 24-cylinder gas engine achieves high power density at 1,500 rpm
  • Compact package design ensures minimal footprint and low installation cost
  • Vibration decoupling reduces knocking and maintenance
  • Low specific fuel consumption reduces operating costs
  • High heat recovery rate allows highest efficiency
INNIO's Jenbacher Type 6 Gas Engines:

The result of continuous enhancements and extensive experience, INNIO's Jenbacher type 6 gas engines are an advanced and reliable addition to our product line. Serving the 1.5 to 4 MW power range, the 1,500-rpm engine speed results in a high power density and low installation costs. In addition, the type 6 pre-combustion chamber achieves maximum efficiency with low emissions. Proven design and optimized components enable a service life of 60,000 operating hours before the first major overhaul.

Features & Benefits

  • Type 4 offers the   highest efficiency in its power class
  • High-tech components maximize reliability
  • LEANOX ® lean burn control ensures minimal emissions
  • Modern engine concept increases service-friendliness
  • High-power turbocharger allows optimal operation at higher air intake temperature and altitude
INNIO's Jenbacher Type 3 Gas Engines :

Technical maturity and a high degree of reliability make INNIO's Jenbacher type 3 gas engines a leader in the 500 to 1,100 kW power range. Long service intervals, a maintenance-friendly engine design, and low fuel consumption ensure maximum efficiency, while optimized components prolong service life-even when employing non-pipeline gases such as landfill gas.

Features & Benefits

  • Supercharger ensures homogenous mixture at low gas pressures
  • Two-stage mixture cooling enables high flexibility
  • Turbocharger bypass evens out extreme operating conditions
  • High-performance long-life spark plug enables reliable operation
  • LEANOX ® lean burn control ensures minimal emissions
  • Compact construction allows installation in 40-foot container
INNIO's Jenbacher Type 2 Gas Engine:

Introduced in 1976, INNIO's Jenbacher type 2 gas engine offers high efficiency power in the 250 to 350 kW range. The robust design and stationary engine concept provides excellent component durability and a service life of 60,000 operating hours before the first major overhaul. Optimized components and a proven control and monitoring model give the type 2 engine outstanding reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized combustion for maximum efficiency
  • Turbocharger bypass to even out extreme operating conditions
  • High-performance long-life spark plug for reliable operation
  • Knocking control to compensate for methane number fluctuation
  • LEANOX ® lean burn control ensures minimal emissions
  • Compact engine control with integrated network synchronization



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